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Live Clean Today believes that nowhere is better than at home. We also believe that your house must be safe and clean, that's why our cleaners will offer you professional clean house service. Our house cleaners will improve our customer's sense of well-being providing the best cleaning solutions your home needs.

The house cleaning service offered by Live Clean Today covers the following areas in your house: the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and common areas as well as other house cleaning such as interior window cleaning or fridge cleaning. Our cleaning experience enables us to provide clean house service that will meet all your needs and expectations. Let our house cleaner in Spokane do all the hard work so that you don’t have to!

If you’re in need of professional house cleaning service that will leave your home clean and fresh, then book our cleaning company Live Clean Today and enjoy house cleaning and spare more time doing what you need the most.

Our clean house service is provided by dedicated people who will clean your house or flat to our demanding standards. Each our house cleaner has years of experience, checked references so you can trust us your place for cleaning. Our professional team focuses on the highest quality of house cleaning service Spokane, so the satisfaction of our customers is guaranteed.

Let our friendly, skilled and reliable cleaners help you with the house cleaning and let our professional team impress you with an amazing clean house service Spokane. Our house cleaner will vacuum the carpet, mop the floor, wipe off the dust and all those unpleasant tasks, while you are at your job, or spend your time doing what you have always wanted, but never had the time.

Reliable House Cleaning Service Spokane

Live Clean Today provides reliable and reasonably priced house cleaning to make your property perfect clean from top to bottom and to help with your household chores.

  • Client-Oriented Company – All our clean house service is customized to fit all your needs. Our house cleaner will visit your house on convenient times and days as not to interrupt your daily routines.
  • Flexibility – Our skilled team will visit on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, depending on our clients’ needs, preference and budget. We can also provide one-off house cleaning service for a thorough clean of your whole house.
  • Regular Cleaner – When you hire our regular house cleaning you will receive the same cleaner every visit on your demand. If for any reason your regular cleaner is unable to provide clean house service our team will replace them as quickly as possible.
  • Professional Cleaners – Each our house cleaner in Spokane is trained to perform excellent cleaning services for our customers. Live Clean Today guarantees that all work provided by our professional team will meet our high standard.
  • High-Quality Cleaning Services – With the variety of professional cleaning solutions, the innovative cleaning equipment and the professional know-how, we will make your house absolutely sparkle clean.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions – Our experts work with the best eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products safe for children, pets and allergy suffers. As we do care not only about your health but our workers too.
  • Reasonable Pricing – You will get the exact house cleaning service you need at a reasonable price delivered by our professionals. Our cleaning prices are very competitive in a market that is constantly increasing in demand.

House Cleaner Spokane

Live Clean Today Provides Following Services for House Cleaning

Let our professional team take care of your house and provide clean house service on a regular basis or hire us for a one-off cleaning. You will be happy to notice that our cleaning company has affordable prices and great quality. Each our house cleaner will do a fantastic job so let them provide house cleaning service in Spokane for you house right away!

Our skilled staff will deliver outstanding house cleaning and will help you with everything you need: from window cleaning to regular tenancy cleaning. Let our professional cleaners take the burden of house cleaning off your shoulders.


Our team knows that nothing feels better than coming back to a clean home in the way you like it. That's why we try to discuss your needs and requirements before we start our clean house service. Our goal is to make our customers happier and their life just little bit easier.


Our house cleaner needs your detailed requirements to fully understand what is important to you that is the key to a successful house cleaning service. Our cleaning company prides ourselves on doing a thorough house cleaning that will get your house looking like new again. Contact us and let our professional team deal with providing clean house service for you.


Do you hate ironing? We have a good news for you - you are not alone! Our house cleaner will help you to remove this tiresome chore from your life. We provide ironing coupled with our attention to details that will help to feel comfort and look good for daily life.


Even if you don't cook every day, over time the grime can build up in your oven that is at the heart of your kitchen. It is a difficult job to clean your oven properly that is why let our house cleaning service deal with it. Our professional team will give your oven a new life and back into great shape once again. So you can trust us to do this hard work for you!


Maybe you don't remember when you last have your carpet cleaned. It can be either a long time ago or even never yet but your carpet needs a regular cleaning. You can let our skilled team professionally clean your carpet. Our house cleaning will give your home a boost to make it feel clean and fresh once again.

House Cleaning Service Spokane

5 Star Rated House Cleaning in Spokane

You can hire our clean house service to come to your property and do the cleaning you desire. Our professional has been providing house cleaning services Spokane for many years and this has resulted us in having a perfect service reviews from our clients.

When booking our house cleaning services then you are assured to receive a professional house cleaner, that has cleaning experience and passion for cleaning.