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Hardwood & Laminate Floor Care

This information can help you keep your floors looking their best, longer.

How to Choose an Ideal Maid?

When life gets busy, your chores quickly pile up. Cleaning the house regularly is tough to do for parents, students, and entrepreneurs alike. When was the last time you had a spotless home?

How to Choose the Best Coverage As a Professional House Cleaner

Professional cleaners must know what's best for their business, and that includes choosing the best coverage.

Home cleaning service from company Live Clean Today

Although you know everything about your home, you clean each corner in your house, but you may not realize that there are some places you fail to clean, and visitors can notice.

How to Revive Old Carpets?

Your carpet can be succumb to dirt, spills and other things caused by kids and pets. Over time, it begins to show its age before you're ready to replace it.

How We Clean Your Homes?

For some homeowners a clean house means a wasted time. It is true because there are more important and enjoyable things to do than worry about keeping your home clean!

How Much Does Home Cleaning Cost?

In our busy schedule, it is difficult to find time to maintain a proper home. The best way to keep your home clean and tidy is to hire our team at Live Clean Today.

House cleaning in Winter Garden

Dust has gathered on the windowsills, shelves, the sink is full of dirty dishes and the floor is full of stains and seems sticky?